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Rose Hard Wax

Rose Hard Wax

Rose Hard Wax is a stripless of high quality wax.

Our strawberry pink was is an european strapless wax of high quality.  Gentle enough for the lightest skin tones still reliable for the thickest hair.

Low melting depilatory wax.

With an innovative formulation which makes it extremely creamy. Free of parabens.

The ideal go to wax for all body areas.

Lightly perfumed.

Efficient also on very short hair.


Azulene Hard Wax

Azulene Hard Wax

In Europe, estheticians prefer to work with film wax. Film wax is the improved version of the original and classic hot wax. Due to the adding of specific component, the film wax has unique properties and advantages.
- thin layer application
- long flexibility
- for beginner to experienced user
- best solution for spa industry